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  About the Teaching Supplement
USS ConstitutionThese lessons are designed to assist teachers in the teaching of mathematics for grades K–12, by applying the skills being taught in the classroom to a real-life scenario: life on board USS Constitution. Many of these lessons compliment those found on the USS Constitution Museum's interdisciplinary theme unit website for teachers


This teaching supplement for grades K–12 was made possible by a generous grant from Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems in 2005.

The USS Constitution Museum's Education Department would like to extend a special thanks to the teachers who wrote and/or contributed to these lesson plans: Mary Brisson, Alan Laroche, Matthew Coleman and Donna Gallas. Their creative ideas and passion for teaching inspired us all.

Table of Contents

This teaching supplement contains math lessons organized in grade-level order. However, because many of the math skills used in these lessons are taught in multiple grades, both grade-level and lesson content are listed below.

Pre K–K
Estimating Numbers of Objects

Grade 1
Estimating and Comparing Numbers of Objects

Grade 2
Estimating and Comparing Length, Width and Perimeter

Grade 3
Computing Time and Creating a Schedule

Grade 4
Drawing Conclusions from Data Sets

Grade 5
Creating and Interpreting Graphs from Tables

Grade 6
Range, Mean, Median and Mode and Stem-and-Leaf Plots

Grade 7
Converting Between Systems of Measurement

Grade 8
Calculating Volume

Algebra I (Grade 9–10)
Describing Distance and Velocity Graphs

Algebra I (Grade 9–10)
Writing Linear Equations

Algebra II (Grade 9–12)
Using Projectile Motion to Explore Maximums and Zeros

Precalculus & Advanced Math (Grade 10–12)
Using Parabolic Equations & Vectors to Describe the Path of Projectile Motion


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