All Hands on Deck: Learning Adventures Aboard Old Ironsides
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USS Constitution, Johnson

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I. Building a Ship, Building a Nation —
The Origins of the United States’ Navy and Construction of CONSTITUTION

Lesson 1: Navy or Knot?
Young America can’t decide whether it needs a navy

Lesson 2: Ahead of her Class
Ingenuity and craftsmanship create a winning design
Lesson 3: Acre of Sail, Miles of Rigging
Harnessing the wind

Lesson 4: Heavy Metal
Weights and wherefores of her weapons

Lesson 5: Robust Company
Who could join the crew

Recommended Resources
Books and Articles, Field Trips, Have on Hand

Interpreting proverbs, making a mural, designing a hull and more

II. Test of Courage

Lesson 6: To the Shores of Tripoli
Barbary Bullies Beware
Lesson 7: "Old Ironsides" is Born
Making a splash in the War of 1812
Lesson 8: The Loser Who Would Not Give Up
Persistence pays off

Recommended Resources
Books and Articles, Movies, Music, Games and Cyberspace; Have on Hand
Considering gallanry, the boomerang cannon ball, "Old Ironsides" a match for a modern destroyer and more

III. Regimen for Victory

Lesson 9: Dog Watches and Cat-o-Nine Tails
Good habits get good results
Lesson 10: Battle Smarts:When Teamwork Counts
Think before you act

Recommended Resources
Books and Articles, Field Trips and Games; Have on Hand
Readings from Herman Melville, salty language, shipboard "cuisine" and more

IV. Staying Power

Lesson 11: All Over the Map
There is more to life than fighting
Lesson 12: Stand by Me
Saving what matters most
Lesson 13:A Linen Seabag, a Bundle of Letters, Two Brass Keys

Recommended Resources
Books and Articles, Field Trips, Games and Cyberspace; Have on Hand
Constitution's travel itenerary— did she come to your town?; a melting pot crew; political action project and more

V. Summary Activity

Constitution's Portrait Gallery

VI. Mathematics

Teaching Mathematics Using USS Constitution
A teaching supplement for Grades K–12



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