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USS Constitution, Johnson

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Speaking in Colors
Understanding symbols

Have students color their flags according to the labels. Ask them to cut out and tape their colored flags on a separate piece of paper in a sequence that spells one word they might want to use to send a message to another ship if they were out on the high seas. After they are done, ask them to hold up their code word for the class to decipher.

Have on Hand- red, yellow and blue crayons or colored pencils; tape, scissors and photocopies of signal flags

Blank Worksheets:
Alphabet Flags

Part I (pdf)
Part II (pdf)
Part III (pdf)


“To talk about communication, I made a slip with each child’s name written in international alphabet flags. After they colored their names, I held them up so they could figure out who it was.”

Linda Anderson, grades 1 & 2
Pleasant Dale School
Pleasant Dale, NE



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