All Hands on Deck: Learning Adventures Aboard Old Ironsides
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Category: American History, a quiz show activity

Divide the class into three teams to accomplish this American history review. Explain that you will read the questions and the team that answers first will win one point. For a wrong answer, the team will be penalized two points. You might appoint a referee to settle disputes and observe the game. You might also develop additional questions appropriate to your students’ grade level.

  1. How old is the United States? (Compute from Declaration of Independence, 1776)
  2. What far flung empire did America belong to before we became a separate nation?
    (British Empire)
  3. What war did the American colonies fight to break away from this empire?
    (American Revolution or War of Independence)
  4. Five years after the Treaty of Versailles ended the American Revolution, this document was adopted by the United States to be the highest law of the land. (The Constitution of the
    United States)
  5. What year was this? (1788)
  6. What are the three branches of government established under the Constitution? (legislative
    or Congress, executive or president, and the courts or judicial branch)
  7. When the young United States needed more money than it could raise through taxes,
    what did it do? (founded the U.S. Bank)
  8. What year was the U.S. Bank founded? (1791)
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