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Navigating the Mediterranean
Reading a map

Constitution navigated the Mediterranean Sea with the help of charts and maps like this one. Using the map, get your bearings and answer the questions below.

1. Through what narrow passage did Constitution have to sail to reach the Barbary Coast? Straits of Gibraltar
2. What two bodies of water does this passage connect? Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea
3. France and Spain are in what direction from the Barbary coast? North
4. The American squadron’s base of operations was at Syracuse. On what island is it located? Sicily
5. How far did the Americans have to sail from their base of operations to reach Algiers? over 600 miles
6. Which Barbary state borders on two seas? Morocco
7. Describe how you would reach Sardinia if you were sailing from Tangier. answers will vary
8. (a) Which is closer to Naples, Oran or Tripoli? Tripoli
(b) By how many miles? approximately 300 miles


Have on Hand- photocopies of blank worksheet and rulers

Blank Worksheet (pdf)

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