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Fit for the Job,
Using resources and references

Hand out packs of Crew Cards to teams of students and see which team can accurately describe the most crew members’ jobs. Which titles tell something about the job? For example, cook, surgeon and sailmaker are self-explanatory. How many positions are unfamiliar to them? Some of the positions were defined in the lesson, and others they can look up in a dictionary. Let them take cards home and look up answers. What other reference books might they use? What might parents or adults at home know? Some titles have passed out of use and some might not have the same meaning today that they had long ago. How can students find out what these people did?

Crew Cards
Idlers were members of a ship's crew who due to their responsibilities did not stand watch. They were not sailors

Have on Hand– scissors, a dictionary and photocopies of "Crew Cards"

Part 1
Crew Cards (front) (pdf)

Part 2 (continued)
Crew Cards (front) (pdf)

"Have students role play crew members whose responsibilities they have researched. Create crew member certificates for those who do their job well."

George Kurlycheck, 8th grade
Harwich Middle School
Harwich, MA

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