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Sink or Sail?
Computing Constitution’s immersion factor

Use what you learned in the lesson to answer questions 1-3 below, and enter your answers in the appropriate place in the table. Then use the table to answer the rest of the questions.

1. How much did the cannon balls shot from each size gun weigh? (answer entered on table)
2. Each gun averaged about 230 pounds per pound of cannon ball. How much did the different guns weigh? (answer entered on table)
3. How many guns of each size did Constitution have on board? (answer entered on table)
4. Compute the total weight of all guns of each size and enter in table. (answer entered on table)
5. What was the grand total of long guns on board?54
6. (a)What was the grand total of the weight of all cannon on board? 270,480 pounds
  (b)How many tons is this? 120.705 tons
7. Constitution’s immersion factor is one inch per 10 tons of weight aboard her. How many inches did she settle from the weight of her long guns? 7.54 inches

Have on Hand- photocopies of blank worksheet and objects that weigh 12, 18 and 24 pounds (optional).

Blank Worksheet (pdf)

Gundeck of USS Constitution with 24 pound long gun, 1931
Gundeck of USS Constitution with 24 pound long gun, 1931
Courtesy US Navy/USS Constitution Museum, Boston

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